• How To Use Your Self-Storage Unit To Host A Garage Sale

    Self-storage units are great for storing your belongings, but they can also be great for getting rid of some of your items as well. Use this guide to plan a garage sale in your self-storage unit to make a little bit of extra cash and de-clutter your storage space. Sort The Items For Sale Many of the items you want to sell will already be in your storage unit, but you may still want to go through your house and garage to collect any extra items you want to get rid of.
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  • Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind: A Guide To Storing Your Winter Wardrobe

    If you live in an area with extreme changes between winter and summer, you probably have to have two nearly separate wardrobes. That can really put a burden on your closet's space and organization. The best way to handle this is to properly store your winter gear elsewhere. Here is a handy checklist for putting things away for the season. Store Shoes Right. Many people like to use original boxes to store delicate shoes, although this may take up a lot of space.
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  • Pouring Perfection -- The Newbie's Guide To Storing Home Brew Materials

    If you've joined the growing trend of brewing your own beer at home, you no doubt have some delicate ingredients and equipment to keep and maintain. What's the best way to do this? Here is a handy storage guide for your home brew supplies from beginning to end. Organize It! Most home brewers begin somewhat haphazardly -- buying small equipment and pieces as needed, then moving into larger ones while storing less-needed supplies somewhere nearby.
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