Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind: A Guide To Storing Your Winter Wardrobe

Posted on: 2 August 2016


If you live in an area with extreme changes between winter and summer, you probably have to have two nearly separate wardrobes. That can really put a burden on your closet's space and organization. The best way to handle this is to properly store your winter gear elsewhere. Here is a handy checklist for putting things away for the season.

Store Shoes Right. Many people like to use original boxes to store delicate shoes, although this may take up a lot of space. For large shoes and thick boots, a good space-saving alternative is hooks that keep both together and then hang above the ground on a rod or bar. Keep shoes' shapes by inserting soft items such as foam pool noodle pieces, wrapped water bottles or small bean bags.

Hang What Needs Hung. Carefully hang more delicate materials so that they keep their shape. Fragile materials like silk should be hung on padded hangers, for example. It's also usually unnecessary to cover most clothing with garment bags, which could emit oils and gases that stain fabric.

Fold Compactly. Natural fabrics (like cashmere and wool) often do better when folded rather than hung. In addition, casual clothes – jeans, durable coats and outdoor pants – can usually be safely folded without affecting the fabrics. If you want to save space when storing heavy winter materials, you can roll them to save space both vertically and horizontally.

Organize the Space. Storing winter clothing only helps you if you do so in a way that makes it easier to find things and change your wardrobe each year. Clear containers – bins, shoe boxes and portable drawers – provide a good way to know what's in each location. You may even want to photograph your storage as you fill it so that you know the condition of everything and where it's being stored.

Keep Moisture Out. If you have a large winter wardrobe – including ski or hunting clothing and sports gear – you may want to rent a small personal storage space and get the items out of the house. A self storage space is a good way to keep clothing out of the damaging sunlight and gives you enough room to organize properly. Add cedar, lavender or lemon peel rinds to help remove excess moisture from the area.

By knowing how to store your winter closet, you can help keep all your clothing organized and protected from one season to the next. Then, you can spend more time and money enjoying the outdoors rather than replacing expensive gear.