How To Use Your Self-Storage Unit To Host A Garage Sale

Posted on: 4 August 2016


Self-storage units are great for storing your belongings, but they can also be great for getting rid of some of your items as well. Use this guide to plan a garage sale in your self-storage unit to make a little bit of extra cash and de-clutter your storage space.

Sort The Items For Sale

Many of the items you want to sell will already be in your storage unit, but you may still want to go through your house and garage to collect any extra items you want to get rid of. Once you have everything in the unit, go through and arrange the items you want to sell. Any items you want to keep should be placed in plastic storage bins sealed with tape, which can be placed in the back with "do not sell" signs attached. Organize items that will be sold by departments, keeping clothing in one section, home goods in another and organizing small miscellaneous items on a shelving unit. After everything is sorted, you can begin to price them.

Create A Pricing System

For smaller items, you can create a color-coded pricing system. Use colored stickers to denote prices for items, such as red for $10, green for $5 and yellow for $1. Place signs on the walls in the storage unit to help shoppers determine prices before they buy. For larger items, use price tags with hand-written prices. Have a markdown percentage in mind for your items, as people may ask to negotiate better prices, particularly for larger items.

Advertise The Sale

Share the sale on social media and post signs in the neighborhood around the storage facility. You can even ask the management at the facility to post signs in the office to alert other renters to your sale. In some cases, your storage facility may host facility-wide sales. This means you can take advantage of the free advertising and the foot traffic these events bring in.

Arrange Items On The Day Of The Sale

Ask the storage facility management if you can place items in front of the unit or if all goods must stay inside. If you can use the area in front of your unit, place your sales table there so you can conduct transactions while keeping an eye on everyone shopping in the unit. You may also want to place a few larger furniture pieces outside to get people's attention and give them a sneak preview of what you have for sale.

Remember to get permission from your storage facility before planning a garage sale. Once you have permission, you can begin to plan your event and get rid of items you no longer want. For more information, contact professionals like Chestnut Mill Storage.