3 Ways To Rent A Smaller Storage Unit Than You Think Is Necessary

Posted on: 17 June 2021


Once your house starts to fill up, you may begin to accumulate clutter when you bring more items inside. Renting a storage unit will allow you to continue adding to your possession count without creating clutter at home. While an oversized storage unit will give you plenty of space, you should consider several tips that can help you rent a smaller unit than you think you need.

Box Selection

The boxes that you use for your storage unit will play a major role in space usage. Some people may get boxes from family, friends, and local businesses to avoid buying them. However, you can improve your experience by buying moving boxes that are designed to hold various belongings. For instance, opting instead for a cereal box from a grocery store may not work because it is only sturdy enough to hold cereal. Filling this kind of box up with your belongings could cause it to collapse on the bottom. To avoid this, go with proper moving boxes.

Another advantage of moving boxes is that you can find them with handles on the sides. Instead of holding boxes from the bottom, you can use the handles for better grip and maneuverability. These boxes often come in sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. Getting them from the same place means they will all have the same dimensions, making them easy to stack.

Vertical Storage

Using the floor space in a storage unit is an easy task to handle. However, you may run into challenges when trying to use all the vertical space. Stacking furniture and boxes on top of each other can lead to damage and instability. A better option is to pick up shelving units to arrange along the walls and stack small groups of boxes and items safely and securely.

Renting a storage unit before you get shelving units is a crucial step to avoid shelving that's either too short or too tall to use optimally. Ideally, you want to leave space between the shelving unit and the ceiling so that you can stack several boxes on the highest shelf.

Vacuum Seal Bags

To reduce how much space bedding, blankets, clothes, and pillows take up, you should use vacuum seal bags. Getting bags that use a hand pump or vacuum will give you reliable results because you close the bags and then remove the air through a seal.

Using these methods will help you rent a smaller storage unit than the size you believe you need. For more information, contact a storage unit service