Renting A Moving Truck? Be Sure To Have The Following Things

Posted on: 20 August 2018


Are you planning to rent a moving truck, either to take your belongings to storage or a new home? If so, don't pick up your U Haul rental truck without getting some additional things to help you with the move. These three things can be very valuable when it comes to protecting belongings or making the move easier.

Plastic Wrap

Everyone thinks of getting bubble wrap to protect items, but plastic wrap can be just as valuable. You can use it to cover corners, glass, and surfaces of furniture to prevent it from being damaged. Plastic wrap can also be used to prevent doors and drawers from opening if you wrap the item with plastic wrap. A big roll of plastic wrap will definitely be helpful to keep everything safe and secure.

Furniture Pads

If you are moving anything that you want to remain in pristine condition once it gets to its destination, you need furniture pads. It's easy to throw these pads over furniture and secure it in place with plastic wrap. It will give protection to the surfaces, give more padding to corners that hit walls, and prevent sides from being scratched.

Appliance Dolly

You'll want to rent an appliance dollar if you do not have one already. This dolly is a step up from a basic utility dolly, but it has the capability to move very heavy items and keep them on the dolly with a nylon strap. Since your moving truck will have a ramp built on to it, you can easily take the dolly on and off the truck with whatever you have that is too heavy to lift.

Furniture Dolly

Anything too large to fit on a dolly can still be moved with the help of some wheels. The difference between an appliance dolly and a furniture dolly is that a furniture dolly lays flat with all four wheels on the ground. You can put any large items on the dolly and push it, which will avoid putting stress on your back.

Forearm Moving Straps

If you do need to maneuver a large item through your home, it helps to have forearm moving straps. These wrap around your forearm and go underneath the item you are moving, allowing you to stand up straight, but still lift a heavy item from the bottom. This will be much safer for your back by the end of the move.