Storing Your Family Photos? Make Sure You Follow These Basic Rules

Posted on: 7 October 2016


Through the years, the average individual will accumulate quite the collection of family photos. From school pictures to special occasion snapshots--each and every one of these memories is no doubt valued and important. When placing such personal effects in a storage unit, it can be unnerving to think that they could come out of storage in any other way than they were when they went in. If you plan to store away family photos in a storage unit, thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ensure that when you pull them back out, they will still be in the same condition. Here is a basic rule set to follow when storing your pictures and photos in a storage unit for the long term.

Always remove photos from their frames.

A picture frame may appear to be the ideal way to store your precious photos, especially those that are so large they don't easily fit in an album or envelope. However, simply sticking the frames in the storage unit with the pictures inside is not such a good idea. With temperature changes and fluctuations in humidity, the glass in these frames can get really hot. And the heat from the glass pressed directly against your photos is bound to cause damage. You could go back to retrieve your framed photos later on and discover they have adhered to the glass, making them pretty much impossible to remove without causing damage.

Make sure you store your photos in paper envelopes or sleeves.

Tucking your photos into paper envelopes and sleeves is a good way to protect them from moisture, as the paper acts as a protective and absorbent barrier for the photo. If your photos are too large for standard envelopes, invest in a roll of large craft paper and create custom envelopes to accommodate the larger size. A basic envelope is easy to create simply by measuring out a piece of craft paper about double the size of the photo and then folding the paper to cover the entire picture. Use acid-free tape to seal up the edges.

Consider the advantages of a climate-controlled storage unit.

The cost may be a little higher for a climate-controlled storage unit, but the cost is most definitely a fair trade for the added level of protection for your photographic heirlooms. Climate controlled storage units maintain a stable temperature and humidity level, which is ideal for the safety of your photos.