Packing Your Kitchen: Helpful Hints To Prepare For Your Move

Posted on: 4 August 2016


Your kitchen is filled with fragile items that need special care when packing. With the right packing supplies and a few helpful hints, you can pack your dishes, glassware and cookware like a pro. Here are a few things you can do to keep your kitchenware safe when you move.

Invest In Glass And Dish Boxes

Many moving companies and storage facilities offer specialty boxes you can use to pack your dishware and glasses. These boxes have specially designed compartments that prevent fragile items from bumping together during the move. These boxes can be saved and stored away after your move in case you ever need to move again, or in case you want to pack away your items to make room for new ones.

Use Household Items To Cushion Your Fragile Pieces

If you don't have bubble wrap on-hand, there are a few household items you can use to protect your items. Use paper plates to prevent dishes from scratching each other in the box, and wrap stacks of dishes in newspaper for added protection. The small stacks of dishes can be placed in your specialty dishware boxes for convenient packing. Use styrofoam cups to hold small items wrapped in tissue, such as salt and pepper shakers or shot glasses. The styrofoam cups fit in the compartments in your glassware box, making it easy to store more items in a single box. Use plastic shopping bags to cover your skillets and pans to prevent nonstick surfaces from becoming scratched, and wrap handles in tissue paper or newspaper to prevent them from damaging other items. If you do have bubble wrap, it can also be used on the handles of pots and pans.

Bundle Silverware

Keep your silverware organized during your move by sorting it by type and securing each bundle with a rubber band at each end. You can then wrap the bundles in tissue paper or newspaper to protect them from damage. For kitchen utensils, bundle similar items together, such as spatulas or slotted spoons.

Place Appliances In Original Packaging

If you still have the original packaging for small appliances, use them instead of moving boxes. This will make it easy to find your kitchen essentials when you move so you aren't rummaging through boxes to find your coffeemaker or toaster. If you don't have the original packaging, use small moving boxes and pack similar items together. For example, place your coffeemaker and coffee grinder in the same box, and pack your toaster and toaster oven together. Use bubble wrap to cushion the appliances for added protection. Be sure to clean each appliance thoroughly before packing so you don't have bread crumbs, coffee grounds or other dirt in the moving boxes when they are opened.

Work with your moving company or storage company to find the right boxes for your kitchen items, and use these ideas to make your items safe and secure during your move.