3 Creative Ways To Make Use Of Old Storage Trailers On Your Agricultural Property

Posted on: 4 August 2016


Storage trailers are the go-to item for people who need extra storage in a pinch, but once they have served their purpose, these trailers often end up for sale by the businesses that rent them. If you are lucky enough to come across some storage trailers in your neck of the woods for sale, as someone who lives on a farm, you might want to take a second look. There are many ways in which old storage trailers can be beneficial for an agricultural setting. Here are three uses for used storage trailers you may want to consider if you live in an agricultural setting.

Transform old storage trailers into shelter for livestock. 

If you want to take on more livestock but don't have the finances available to build a new shelter to house them, used storage trailers offer an affordable solution. These used storage containers can be picked up relatively cheap and situated on your property wherever you need extra shelter for your animals. The end doors can be left open so livestock can travel to and from, windows can be added for ventilation, and you can even situate a couple of trailers together and remove the interior walls to make more space.

Create an underground root cellar with a storage trailer.

If you harvest a lot of items through the summer growing season that is best kept in a root cellar for preservation, a storage trailer could be just what you need. With a little excavation, the trailer can be situated beneath the ground where it will remain a stable temperature that is ideal for storing foods like potatoes, onions, carrots, and turnips. Because the trailer is built with stable walls and a good floor, it is ideal for tucking beneath the ground and remaining stable. Additionally, adding shelving to the inside of the storage trailer is a possibility.

Get an easy way to protect your machinery. 

If your usual storage area is getting pretty cramped, you could get a used storage trailer to house some of your machinery. Storage trailers can be small or large, but are usually wide enough that you could drive a small tractor inside if you need be or park your farming machinery and attachments inside. For example, you could store your hay harvesting equipment inside a storage trailer when the season is over to make room in your barn for other equipment and items currently in use.

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